BALOO Training


Oct 2, 2021 to Oct 3, 2021



Camp Ho Non Wah
2609 Boy Scout Road
Wadamalaw Island, SC 29487


BALOO Training is a day of fun and learning which will help pack leaders plan and carry out a quality "entry-level" outdoor experience for the Cub Scouts and their families. Participants will better understand the laws of the BSA and camp programming while acquiring the skills and confidence to host a successful campout by increasing their knowledge of available resources and the use national and local council standards as guidelines.


  • Preparations for camping with Cub Scouts
  • Site Selection
  • Parent Involvement
  • Health and Safety
  • Equipment
  • Feeding
  • Introduction to Outdoor Skills

This Training is required for any adult who is in charge of planning and leading a pack campout. Any pack wishing to camp, must have at least one BALOO certified adult onsite for the campout.

Complete the prerequisites before attending: @ >  Baloo Prerequisites   
Completing the BALOO prerequisite sections will create a BALOO trained certificate. Print it and bring it to the Course Director.

  1. Introduction to Cub Scout Outdoor Program V2.
  2. Pack Camping Program
  3. Planning your Cub Scout Outdoor Event V2
  4. Planning Your Event

Also complete Weather Hazards to be fully trained. At under Expanded Learning.

Where:   Camp Ho Non Wah

How much:  $35.00 -  Advance Registration
Includes lunch, dinner and breakfast for the weekend.  

Why:  TO HAVE FUN, of course, but also to ensure that your Pack has at least one (preferably two) BALOO-trained adults to help plan Cub Scout campouts! P.S. The BALOO certified adult should be a member of the Pack Committee or an adult Pack family member.  Den Leaders, Committee Chairs & Cubmasters already have a “full time” job….