Incident Reporting

Anytime an incident occurs when persons are injured - or even when there was almost an injury (a 'near-miss'), leaders are requested to provide an Incident Report (download below).  These reports are compiled to give volunteer and staff risk managers a big-picture view of risk areas so that Scouting can continue to become safer and safer. Please provide this form whenever ANY incident occurs, preferably within three days of the incident.

File Name Description
2020 BSA Insurance Claim Form Download
2021 BSA Insurance Download
Incident Reporting Form Use this form to report ANY incident or event of injury, illness, or property damage. This information is used by risk management volunteers and staff to identify and better understand specifi areas of risk and develop methods to minimize risk in the future. Return your completed form to Download
Near Miss Reporting Tool Use this form to report a 'near-miss' incident. A near miss does not result in injury, illness, or damage, by definition, but it had the potential to do so. This form is a tool to gather information. If an injury has occurred, use the incident reporting form. Return your completed form to Download
Position Name Telephone
Scout Executive/CEO Jason Smith (843) 763-0305 Email