Guide to Safe Scouting


All Scouting events and activities should follow the guidelines and policies in the Guide to Safe Scouting, which helps members plan and conduct Scouting activities in a safe and prudent manner.

The policies and guidelines have been established because of the real need to protect members from known hazards that have been identified through 100 years of experience.

All participants in official Scouting activities should become familiar with the Guide to Safe Scouting and be aware of state or local government regulations that supersede Boy Scouts of America policies and guidelines. The Guide to Safe Scouting provides an overview of Scouting policies and procedures rather than comprehensive, standalone documentation. For some items, the policy statements are complete. Unit leaders are expected to review the additional reference material cited prior to conducting such activities.

To obtain a free copy of the current version of the Guide to Safe Scouting, please visit  the National BSA Website Guide to Safe Scouting page.