Executive Board

Under the leadership of a volunteer board made up of coastal South Carolina’s top business and community leaders, the Coastal Carolina Council is the gold standard for non-profits in program and financial strength.

  • Chris Staubes - Council President
  • Ray Bryant - Council Commissioner
  • Legare Clement - Scout Executive
  • Brandon Hoffman - Council Treasurer
  • Matt Yaun - Immediate Past President
  • Jay Wallace - Council Vice President of Administration
  • Matt Yaun - Council Vice President of Finance
  • Bobby Baker - Council Vice President of Marketing
  • Bill Everett - Council Vice President of Membership
  • Denise Tindell-Ware - Council Vice President of Multicultural Scouting
  • Charlie Cantore - Council Vice President of Program
  • Mary Pat Crawford - Legal Counsel

District Chairs

  • Black River - Gary Mocarski
  • Etiwan - Gregory Dickinson
  • Lowcountry - Will Grimsley 
  • Palmetto - Patricia Henley 
  • Pineland
  • Swamp Fox - Philip Obie, II

Executive Board Members at Large

Norman Armstrong Buck Inabinet Paul Pennington
Robert Baldwin Dick Koehler Randy Potts
Daniel Barton Richard Kruger David Smith
James Barton Jeff LaRue Bill Snow
Ed Bell Julian Levin Robert Snow
Ed Burn Bill Loeble Will Snow
Jay Byars Eric Main Rheagan Timmerman
Chris Davis Daniel Martin Barrett Tolbert
Scot DuPuis Doug McFarland Rich Uhrich
Tony Duttera Jason Meares Edward Vaughan
Sonny Eppes Penny Middleton Jeff Vinzani
Francis Ervin Robert Moise Patrick Wamsley
Michele Forsythe Mikell Murray Buck Watkins
Jack Frisch Robert Nettles Fred Whittle
Albert George Chris Paul Tim Wise
David Hearne   Conrad Zimmerman