Coastal Carolina Centennial

As the Coastal Carolina Council enters our Centennial year in 2021, we are entering a Dawn of The New Century as a council. The council, along with a great committee of volunteers, has been working towards our celebration program. We have put together a calendar of events for our youth, adults and community to gather in celebrating this accomplishment of 100 years as a council.

Below you will find information regarding to our events, volunteer recognition, and a wonderful collection of patches available for order.

            Stay tuned for updates regarding our events…

CCC Centennial Events

  • Winter Camp December 2020
  • Eagle Recognition Dinner February 2021
  • Camper-all April 2021
  • Big Game Dinner
  • Pinewood Derby Showdown May 2021
  • Scout Show Fall 2021
  • Centennial Gala Fall 2021

To commemorate this historic event we will be offering several patches and patch collections.

These patches will be available through pre-order only with a limited number of sets per order.