About Us

For over one hundred years, Boy Scouts of America has provided programs with a singular mission of preparing young people for adulthood, and to be responsible citizens.

Coastal Carolina Council (#550) provides services and youth-development programs to families and community organizations in nine counties of coastal South Carolina. Five key focus areas ensure outstanding opportunities for youth and adult members:

Leadership: Scouting’s purpose is to prepare young people for a lifetime of leadership. Our nation will never outgrow the need for thoughtful, responsible leadership. The values and lessons of Scouting will never go out of style.

Achievement: The Scouting experience includes learning valuable skills and achieving meaningful goals. The Boy Scouts of America promote action—taking the initiative to do things that better individuals, strengthen relationships, and support communities.

Character: Through its methods and program, Scouting helps shape and build in youth the many qualities that guide good decision making in life. Scouting’s lessons last a lifetime.

Service: The commitment by adults helps build a straight road for our youth to follow into the future. Scouting helps the youth of America find—in themselves and in the world around them— more than they thought possible.

Outdoors: Learning to appreciate our world and our place in it remains essential to the Scouting experience. Youth today face many distractions. Scouting promotes active involvement in the enduring nature of the Scouting experience.

Which program is right for your family?

Scouting offers exciting and compelling programs for boys and girls ages 7 to 20. Select your age group, and find a program just for you:

Cub Scouts
First to fifth-grade boys and girls who want to have fun with friends and family members
Scouts BSA
Boys and girls age 11 to 17 who enjoy outdoor activities and leadership opportunities
Sea Scouts
Boys and girls age 14 to 20 who are interested in sailing and boating
Boys and girls age 14 to 20 who seek high adventure activities
Boys and girls age 14 to 20 who are interested in career exploration


Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The Coastal Carolina Council, Boy Scouts of America, fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion that makes it enriching to participate, volunteer and work in the Scouting program.

We invite all people to get involved in Scouting, mindful of the importance of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, socioeconomic status, religion, physical ability and political belief.

We are committed to creating a positive, safe, and welcoming environment for all, valuing diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that will grow and strengthen our movement and continue to make us a valued contributor to the communities we serve.


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