Just click on the link above and place your order with a credit card. The popcorn will be shipped directly to you and the proceeds will stay right here in the Lowcountry helping your local Scouts! You can also have it shipped to friends and family members as a gift.


Popcorn Sale Information for Unit Leaders

2014 - Popcorn Fact Sheet - MUST READ

2014 - Popcorn Leaders Guide

2014 - Popcorn Order Form

2014 - Popcorn Contact Information for Trails-End

2014 - Popcorn Parent Letter

2014 - Popcorn Scout Receipts

2014 KEY Popcorn Dates

2014 - Popcorn Prize Sheet - Front

2013 - Popcorn Prize Sheet - Back

2013 Popcorn Military Receipts

2013 - HAG Popcorn Prize Portal

2013 - Free Camp and Stingrays Ticket Report

2013 - Trails End Scholarship

Sell Popcorn to Earn Scout Belt Loops, Activity Pins, and Merit Badges

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Transfer Popcorn to Another Unit Form

Directions to Muhler

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