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Coastal Carolina Council, BSASt Thomas and St Denis

The Society of St. Thomas and St. Denis, an organization dedicated to renovating and maintaining the historic Church of St. Thomas and St. Denis, would like to offer troops the opportunity to earn service hours! The Society has a list of projects that are needed, such as landscaping, replacing grave markers, etc. There may even be opportunity for Eagle Scout projects! For more information, please contact Jerry Sifford at (843) 442-8981 or


Hearing Aid Drive - Over 34 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, but only 8.4 million of them have access to hearing aids. This problem is even worse in developing countries where only 1 in 40 individuals with hearing loss have hearing aids. Providing low-cost hearing aids to these individuals is a great opportunity to impact the world.  We love to work with Boy Scouts in fulfilling our vision of positively impacting individuals. We have a need for hearing aid drives to obtain more surplus hearing aids, and for finding individuals and families in need of hearing aids.  Hearing aid drives serve as a challenging and rewarding experience for all participants, and enable them to make an impact in the world. We have a fairly turn-key approach that provides materials and ideas for complete a successful hearing aid drive while letting the boys be creative and take responsibility. There are many ways that they can accomplish this project that we have not even thought of. The project provides boys with a great platform for leadership development and a feeling of accomplishment.

Better World Hearing is a social venture dedicated to providing hearing aids for people who can’t afford to buy new ones. We source, recycle, resell, and donate surplus hearing aids to better empower children and adults to reach their full potential.  Contact Information:  Blake Wise, General Manager,, (702) 332-2956

Better World Hearing, 1382 W Center St., Orem, UT 84057, 



PalmettoPride and the Department of Natural Resources have teamed up to grow the monofilament recycling program in South Carolina.  We are looking for a Boy Scout who needs an Eagle Scout Service Project.  We need about one hundred bins made to distribute throughout South Carolina.  We will provide all the cost associated with the project we just need the scouts to assemble the bins.  I will be able to show him how it’s done as well.  I have attached a copy of the brochure to show them more about the program.  If you have anybody interested please tell them to contact me ASAP.  Also the work would be done at the Charleston DNR office on James Island, so they will not have to travel very far.   If you have any more questions or would like to setup a meeting, you can Sterling McMillan via email  or by phone (803) 758-6034.  Click Here for brochure. 

Sterling McMillan, PalmettoPride, 2700 Middleburg Drive, Columbia, SC 29204