Pineland District

Serving Colleton, Hampton and Allendale Counties

District Commissioner
Randy Huggins

District Chairman

Travis Godley


District Executive

Jake Baker

Coastal Carolina Council


 About The Pineland District:

The Pineland District is part of the Coastal Carolina Council BSA. Our Council Service Center is located in Charleston, SC. Pineland District includes all of Allendale, Hampton and Colleton Counties. We currently serve 275 youth with 11  units chartered to various community organizations throughout the three counties. Scouting in Pineland is unique because we offer ample opportunity for boys of all ages to experience the outdoors. Our Scouts and Volunteers are involved in various community activities in the area. If you are interested in being a part of Scouting in the PinelandDistrict, you can contact one of the people listed above.

District Events

3rd Annual Pineland District Turkey Shoot

  • April 30th at Cypress Creek Hunting Club in Round-O, SC
  • Contact one of the individuals above for sponsorship or event information