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Swamp Fox District

Serving Berkeley and Dorchester County



November 16-18, 2018

Camp Moultrie

$12.00 Per Person

Leader Guide available on registration sight

Swamp Fox District

Committee Members

District Executive - Alex Sutler

District Chair - Garry Perry

District Commissioner - Howard Hunter

Training Chair - Kathi Salcedo

Advancement Chair - Suzanne Scott

Activities Chair - Traci Dailey

Camping Chair - Ken Jurgensmyer

Membership Chair - Tim Ray

Recognition Chair - Maggie Stanley


District Meeting Dates:

District Roundtable

7:00 PM @ Ridge Baptist Church




Frequently Used Documents (click on the document name)

Youth Membership Application unit Set-up                                                                     
Adult Membership Application  
Medical Form Parts A&B  
Medical Form Parts A,B &C (required for high adventure activities